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Servicing and Repairs

You should consider calling us if:

  • you have a faulty burglar alarm that isn’t working

  • you’re having problems operating your security system

  • you’re alarm is going off for no reason

  • you’ve just moved into a property with no codes for the alarm system.

  • your alarm asking for a reset, showing a telephone fail, tamper or low battery

  • you need extra Remote Controls

We Can Also Upgrade You’re Alarm System 

A system upgrade allows you to give your system a new fresh style as well as, in many cases,

a few more features to enjoy

In many cases an upgrade will let you bring your alarm 'up-to-date' with simple stylish keypad and sensors 

to match current décor 

Generally, there are two different types of upgrades – full or partial.

Partial Upgrade

This is where we replace your existing alarm control panel, codepad and back up battery and external siren.  We connect all your existing motion sensors, door and window switches etc. to the new control panel.

This is a good option if:

  • Your alarm panel or codepad is old or faulty

  • You want to take advantage of new features that are not available on your current alarm system – adding remote controls or arming your system at night.

  • If you want a more modern looking codepad such as blue back lit to match new power point/light switches, various colours and styles now available also  

Full Upgrade

A full upgrade can give you all of the features of the partial upgrade as well as all existing motion sensors can be replaced with new technology and more modern looking sensors 


Call us today to discuss your requirements  – we will be able to offer you plenty of advise and suggestions.

Alternatively you can send an email to:

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