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There are different methods of monitoring an alarm system the main ones are as follows 


Domestic Dialler : This as the name suggests is for the residential home, it reports to our control room and is capable of reporting such events as a burglary or break in and system events such as power failure, low battery (system or devices such as wireless or RF sensors) and even a weekly test as a check up on the alarm and communications. 


Commercial Dialler : This form of monitoring is for the business owner or place of business, This reports all of the above with the added feature of open and close reports, these reports can sometimes be required by insurance companies as a means of proof that the system was indeed turned on in case of a break and enter.

Open and close reports also work like a modern version of the "Bundy Clock", meaning it allows the system to keep track of which employee arms and disarms the system and at what time for future reference. 


GPRS Monitoring : This method of monitoring will work for either of the above circumstances. This method uses a mobile network to communicate rather than the current fixed telephone line.

This eliminates the chances of any interference both physical (cut or disconnected lines) or electronically (power surge or water in the lines giving that annoying crackle) thus making this method extremely fast, secure and will be unaffected by the NBN..


IP Monitoring : This method of monitoring will work for either of the above circumstances. This method uses the internet to communicate rather than a fixed telephone line and will be unaffected by the NBN. This method is also extremely safe and secure.


Any customer that chooses to have their system monitored by us will receive the change over to us free of charge (unless extra equipment is needed). 

The change over to us also includes a service to the system.

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